Davide Lovecchio

3D Artist | Programmer | Music Producer

Hi, this is my personal portfolio, i'm a programmer, sound engineer and 2D & 3D artist specialize in modelling and rigging low poly characters and static objects, draw sprites, creating assets for 2D / 3D videogames and programming their placement, control and behavior, but I've also a complete knowledge of every step of production such as sculpting, texturing, rendering and so on.

Here you can find many of my works made in the past three years, when i've started to study 3D, some are old stuff made just for fun, other are a little bit more complex for testing my knowledge, and i hope to never stop adding more and more challenging and advanced projects.

For now, my goal is to work stably in the video games or animation movie industry, but i'm also accept freelance work, so feel free to contact me: davide.lovecchio@fastwebnet.it
PS. I always answer, if not, maybe i've not recived the e-mail.