Davide Lovecchio

3D Artist | Programmer | Music Producer

No update since 2016 cause, for contract reasons, I can't show my work as technical artist at MILESTONE srl, however, I will update this site after this summer (2019), meanwhile if you want visit my instagram with some new personal works and other stuff CLICK HERE

Please allow me to introduce myself...

I'm Davide Lovecchio, I live in Milano and I've been always interested in design, music and technology.

After graduating at ITCS Pietro Verri, high school of computer science, in the summer of 2007, and after doing a lot of small jobs, i began to work for several years in the sound engineering business, thanks to my certificate in sound engineering obtained at Nuova Audio Musicmedia NAM Milano s.r.l. in the summer of 2010.

Finally, in 2012 I began to study professionally computer graphics at SAE Institute in Milano, and in 2013 I've finally obtained my certificate in 3D animation, with a reference letter that can be seen HERE, written by my teacher, 3D artist Federico Mattioli.

I've spent the last years improving my knowledge on everything related to the CG field, but also i've improved my skills in programming languages, to be aware of every step in the realization of a final product, in particular, my specializations are in modelling and rigging low poly characters and static objects, draw sprites and creating assets for 3D / 2D videogames and programming their placement, control and behavior.

Below a complete list of my actual knowledge, starting with some software I use:

My programming skills:

The basic knowledge of programming achieved in my high school (mainly with C, Cobol and Pascal), gives me the skill to quickly learn other programming languages, for example currently i've just started to learn Java, and obviously improving day by day the languages that i already know.

My musical skills:

Contact me for my complete resume, job offer or anything else: davide.lovecchio@fastwebnet.it
PS. I always answer, if not, maybe i've not recived the e-mail.