Davide Lovecchio

3D Artist | Programmer | Music Producer

Software: Maya, Unity and Visual Studio 2015.

This app, for Android and Windows Phone, provides an highly interactive way to throw dice, coins and other various object, with physically realistic behaviour and high quality models and textures.

You can find the app in the Google Play Store HERE!

Main Menu

Here's the Main Menu, where the user can choose which and how many objects interacts with.

Grab and Drag

Just touch the object to grab it, drag it everywhere, and obviously throw it with just a simple swipe (with high range of sensibility).
When the user touches the object, on the bottom-right side of the screen appears a slider, which can be used to gradually move up and down the grabbed object.


The rotation can be achieved with just a second touch, everywhere on the screen (obviously while the first touch is still holding the target object).
Also, even with the rotation there's an high range of sensibility, and even the rotative motion can be "thrown" with a swipe of the second touch.

Here's a demonstration on how easy are these input controls.


Another way of input is tilting the device, and all the objects will follow the tilt with a physically realistic movement, this behavior can be deactivated in the Main Menu.