Davide Lovecchio

3D Artist | Programmer | Music Producer

Software: Visual Studio 2013 with Monogame, Photoshop and ProTools.

In 1991 came out a videogame that had a great influence on my childhood, "Duke Nukem", developed and published by Apogee Software, and almost 25 years after I've decided to recreate it from scratch, coding in Visual Studio, using only the framework Monogame, and 2D tiles that i've draw one by one at resolution 64x64 instead of the original 16x16, NO 3D stuff or graphic engines are involved.

At the moment i've done only the first level, some enemies and some stuff still missing (like the balloons, the dynamite, the jumping robot, a decent start menu, the full screen, Resolution independence, bla bla and so on), but in addition I added jump control, smooth camera follow, an annoying soundtrack and other new features.
Please contact me at davide.lovecchio@fastwebnet.it if you find some bugs or strange behaviour, other than that, hope you have fun like i did!

Link to the version 0.1 Alpha: HERE
extract the files in a folder and follow the instructions on the READ_ME file.

Here are some comparisons between the original and my version:


Some random tiles, at the moment i've drawn a total of 185 different tiles, plus a lot of animation frames.

Old vs New, click it for full resolution.