Davide Lovecchio

3D Artist | Programmer | Music Producer

Software: Maya, Unity and Visual Studio 2015.


I'm trying to develop a good first person shooter, totally from scratch, at the moment only the input movements and the weapons mechanic are at a good point, the enemy AI is totally approximates and obviously there's no enviroment or a style, but i really wanna know from you how it feels playing.
All the 3D models, all the code, the music and the most part of 2D stuff and sound are entirely created by me, the only things that are not mine are the bullet hole and the muzzle flash sprites, the photos of concrete and brick, and some sound effects.
so, download the game, look around, kill something, have fun, stay tune for updates and write me for bug report, advice or insults: davide.lovecchio@fastwebnet.it

UPDATE 1: two new weapons with new features and a better recoil.


W, A, S, D = Move (double press to Dodge)
Space = Jump
Shift = Run
C = Crouch
Left Mouse Button = Attack
Right Mouse Button = Aim or Secondary Attack
Q = extra Attack
R = Reload
Mouse Wheel or number from 1 to 6 = Change weapon
F = Switch to a different type of the same weapon
- To perform a double jump run and jump against a wall, then press again jump (while always keep pressing the run button).
- In the game there are five platform which provide additional info, the five red cross in the top-right corner of the screen will warn you when one of them is found.


The player can perform every typical movement of a modern first person shooter: strafe, run, dodge, crouch, jump and double jump ecc, and the selected weapon follow along these action in a specific way, other than that, the camera and the weapons have their own personal headbob for ensure higher realism.
I put a lot of effort to create dynamic movements for camera and weapons, I hope no one get sea sickness!


These are the available weapons at the moment, I've personal created all of them, also I've put some of them in sale on the Unity asset store.
I know, they're pretty basic, and some of them are not even weapons, but my priority was to test different type of attacks and actions.
They have alot of different features, during the game, in the top-left corner of the screen, there are the specific instructions to correctly use all of them.

UPDATE 1: two new weapons with new features and a better recoil.


I have not yet thought about a real environment, I've only created some stuff to jump over.
For the brick buildings I've created different pieces that perfectly match to each other, in this way build different type of buildings becames quite fast and easy.


This should be some sort of enemy, his AI at the moment is pretty rough, he can follow the player, perform an attack and climb wall to reach his current target, his body it's also provided with a ragdoll system.